7.6 ha./18.78 acres of Creekside Flat Lands + Private Road

7.6 ha./18.78 acres of Creekside Flat Lands + Private Road



This 7.6 hectare/18.78 acre property has now been subdivided into 4 lots with the following measurements:

lote 4: 13,062 m2 (1.3 hectares), lote 3: 24,721 m2 (2.4 hectares), lote 2: 6,972 m2, lote 1: 32,265m2 (3.2 hectares)

lot 4: 3.23 acres

lot 3: 6.11 acres

lot 2: 1.72 acres

lot 1: 7.98 acres

Depending on the lot, the owner is asking between $15 and $20 per square meter

Large usable riverside (creek side) lands for sale within the Vilcabamba valley do not exist with exception to this rare & beautiful property also with a private road & two entry bridge options (one upstream, one downstream). At the lower end of this 6.5 hectare property is actually where the irrigation canal going into the Vilcabamba Valley begins; The site of captacion is at the base of this property (downstream). This irrigation canal winds through the neighborhoods of Chiquinda, San Jose, Cuba, & traverses below the Mandango mountain ending at the Las Vegas Subdivision. The face that this canal begins here gives you a clue about the special magic of this area…This property’s entire length borders the Capamaco river, however, one could argue that this drainage is still a creek at this point in the flow & given its location. This is still a pristine & clean creek here as the property is near to the headwaters located in the Podocarpus National Park. There are very few owners up stream, no mining, and this entire area’s neighbors are united to keep this watershed clean and mining free.

This property could remain a large exclusive estate as it is, but the land is also fit to accommodate a number of houses or structures (all accessible from the private internal road that borders the creek). This valley runs east to west-going east you can go up the creek or on the hiking trails that eventually take you deep into the Podocarpus national Park, or you can go west on a country dirt road passing over another creek (via another bridge) before journeying into the big open valley of Vilcabamba. The drive to town takes about 12-15 minutes. The Capamaco valley is more open & has long distance views in comparison to its sister valley over just one ridge to the North. The Yambala creek valley to the North is more densely populated and it is more of a tight gorge of a valley. The Capamaco creek is also slightly warmer than the Yambala, and more enjoyable to get into.

Please get in touch with Tara at Tierras Realty to schedule a trip! This is a one of a kind property in this area… trust someone who knows these lands and what’s available.

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