DEVELOPER OPPORTUNITY: 11 Lots on a Private 43 Hectare Estate

DEVELOPER OPPORTUNITY: 11 Lots on a Private 43 Hectare Estate



This is one of the most extraordinary private properties in the area offering incredible investment opportunity and an unparalleled combination of natural beauty, uninterupted views, and exclusivity. Nestled within a pristine & clean landscapes, this expansive estate boasts breathtaking mountain and valley views, a serene lake, a private road, and a gated entrance next to the entry house featuring a guard-club house for utmost security and prestige.

Encompassing a total of 43 hectares/ 106 acres, each of the 11 individual lots has been designed and subdivided to perfection given the contours of this giant gently sloping property. Each lot has numerous access points for multiple main gates to each property that could be home to multiple houses; the lots are large and every one of them has multiple private building sites all with their own vistas. Available for purchase as one giant property with 11 separate titles, a clearance sale price can be negotiated now for a quick sale for those with the vision to see that this truly is an investor’s dream opportunity to create a private gated community or an upscale neighborhood. The properties come with their own deeds, ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience.

The following is a breakdown of the property’s individual lots, with their respective measurements in acres:

  1. Lot 1: 6.1 hectares (15.07 acres)
  2. Lot 2: 5.6 hectares (13.84 acres)
  3. Lot 3: 6.4 hectares (15.81 acres)
  4. Lot 4: 1.8 hectares (4.45 acres)
  5. Lot 5: 2.7 hectares (6.67 acres)
  6. Lot 6: 8 hectares (19.77 acres)
  7. Lot 7: 3.1 hectares (7.66 acres)
  8. Lot 8: 3.1 hectares (7.66 acres)
  9. Lot 9: 1.9 hectares (4.70 acres)
  10. Lot 10: 5.2 hectares (12.85 acres)
  11. Lot 11: 2.69 hectares (6.64 acres)

This prime real estate offers not only an idyllic setting for luxurious living but also presents an exceptional investment opportunity. The private road and gated entrance ensure a secure and exclusive environment for residents.

For those seeking a viewing or wishing to explore the pricing details, we encourage you to contact our dedicated agent promptly. Take advantage of our limited-time clearance sale prices, providing a rare chance for a quick and advantageous investment in this one-of-a-kind property. Embrace the vision of an upscale community surrounded by nature’s splendor, where exclusivity meets unparalleled beauty.

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