Real Estate in Vilcabamba & the Surrounding Valleys, Southern Ecuador

Please contact us directly with any inquiries! Tierras Realty is a licensed real estate agency and our broker (with 11 years in Vilcabamba) is a member of the local real estate association and works in collaboration with local and professional colleagues. Tierras Realty has a vast network in and around Vilcabamba & Quinara, Ecuador. Our team can help you buy any property for sale in the area.

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We offer a more personalized service and can help you buy any property for sale in the area.

Why choose Vilcabamba as your home?

Vilcabamba is known as the Valley of Longevity as many people have lived well beyond the expected mortality rate (into their 100s) here enjoying a tranquil life, a perfect year round springtime climate, and an abundance of clean water coming from an incredibly mineral rich highland filter known as the Podocarpus National Park.

 Vilcabamba has attracted nature and health enthusiasts from around the world who now call this paradise their home.

About the international community living in Vilcabamba

 The international community living here is unlike any other ex pat group in any other location in Latin America as there are people of all ages from all over the world here united by their appreciation of this incredible land/nature, the climate, and such a great variety of organic food. 

There are young families, retirees, and travelers of all age ranges that have come here and never left, many refer to Vilcabamba as Vilcatrampa / Vilcatrap as so many pass through and never leave. 

 Bilingual Guide, Property Administrator, and Licensed Realtor in Vilcabamba

A bilingual realtor, locally licensed professional & member of the national real estate association in Ecuador

Dedicated to providing the best personalized service for buyers and sellers in and around Vilcabamba

Impressive High End Resort Hotel Spa with 3 Restaurants, 2 Pools, & An Events Center

El Descanso del Toro is by far one of the very best properties with the greatest potential in Vilcabamba. This resort could be considered the only 5 star hotel in the area. This gorgeous complex is in the heart of the Vilcabamba valley with 360 degree views of the mountains surrounding us & is located […]

SOLD Gorgeous Home in Gated Community (El Atillo) Vilcabamba

This gorgeous 350 m2 two-story home is made of adobe, river rock, and wood with giant picturesque windows viewing the Podocarpus National Park to the East, and is located at the very back of the gated community called El Atillo. El Atillo is just a couple minutes drive from the center of Vilcabamba Ecuador, and […]

Garden & Waterfall Park 8.6 Has., 45 minutes from Vilcabamba

This property has 2 caves, 2 separate distinct water rights as well as to two creeks, terraced gardens, a horse corral, multiple secure storage units, numerous roofed areas (one large one for events), an extensive trail network with clearly identified paths, established mountain road with gates, a private transformer that can service numerous homes, an […]

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