$234,000 A Charming Home Hugged by a Mountain on 27 Hectares

$234,000 A Charming Home Hugged by a Mountain on 27 Hectares



This property of nearly 27 hectares includes both sides of the entry ridge of a small valley and the adobe home is cratered or hugged into the bowl of a mountain. There are no houses in sight and no close neighbors, barking dogs or crowing roosters can be heard. The neighbors, who are very friendly, all live on the outside of this small mountain bowl, so the place feels very secluded and remote, but only a short drive on a dirt road to the Pan American Highway, which allows quick access to shopping in Vilcabamba (15 minutes away once you are on the Pan American ) as are you a 5 minute drive to Yangana.

The house has two floors and is built with it’s back into the hillside. The front has large windows opening to a fantastic view. There are two bedrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. There is a large living room, and a big room with a fire place at the back. There is a washroom with a large shower downstairs, a kitchen with a pantry, and an outside kitchen. There are four toilets, one upstairs and three downstairs. Two of those are flush toilets and two are dry composting toilets. There is also a large storage room and a safe room with a steel backed door and steel door frame, and a heavy duty door latch on the inside. The upstairs can easily serve as a mother in law apartment or a separate rental due to it’s isolation -privacy from the downstairs. The house is built to the highest standards, the concrete and steel columns go two meters under the floor and are connected to very large and heavy one meter square footings. The downstairs is built like a concrete bunker, with solid concrete walls in back and double thickness walls in front in order to hide the columns. The cement ceiling has very high strength steel reinforced concrete beams. A rainwater catch system is on the upstairs roof, with a huge water cistern where water gathers naturally because it is located at a spring. There is large cement water storage tank and a couple of big plastic tanks above the house, to provide water pressure. The water here comes from ridge top springs on this property and has been tested to show it is the purest water in the world at only 28 PPM dissolved solids. There is a vegetable garden next to the house, plus an orchard. There are many citrus trees, giant sour lemons, sweet lemons, sweet oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit. Other trees are avocado, mango, tropical cherry, nispero, apple, mulberry, and four green tea trees. There are thimble berries, blackberries, and Inca berries that grow wild here. There is a beehive which provides organic spicy honey from many medicinal plants. There are two beautiful horses that keep the grass short which keeps the snakes away. The property includes a mountain top with outstanding 360 degree views of endless mountain ranges where you can enjoy sunsets and full sun all day as the property benefits from East West sun exposure year round. There are several flat spots that make excellent building sites for guest houses or community living. One of the upper flat spots has great expansive views. The flat spots and mountain top all have easy road access. There is electrical power with a ten kilowatt transformer, 110 and 220 volt electricity, and the power supply cable is buried underground so that there are no electrical cables overhead. The valley is shielded from cellphone radiation so there is no cellphone service here, but there is a satellite phone which is a home phone. There is an internet antenna on a nearby ridge so there is fast internet and wifi.

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