530 has.-A Virgin Land and Island in the Mountains

Mountain sanctuary in Ecuador

530 has.-A Virgin Land and Island in the Mountains



This 1,309 acre/ 530 hectare property is pretty much an island in the mountains offering a sanctuary to worthy and respectful new caretakers/ owners. An entire community could live here and thrive as the lands are clean and there is an abundance of water easily available to all of the usable land on the property. This territory is basically an island in the mountains as its boundaries are limits of water sources; a pristine creek runs the entire Southern boundary as does a pristine large river.

The headwaters of the Piscobamba river run the entire eastern length of this land’s edge at the base. A mountain peak is where the South Western limit ends and the property drops over a ridge on the North Western limit ending within an entirely different valley and drainage where the headwaters of the Zahuaco canal captation is (this canal serves most of Quinara with fresh water). This entire landscape and the neighboring lands are hardly populated, and mostly visited by the handful of owners coming on horseback from Quinara town to the mountains to fish and/or tend to their crops and animals.

This is one of the very best properties available in this Southern bowl of mountains now. This is truly a refugee and sanctuary fit for people seeking protection and offering the same in return to this sacred land & these waters. There are not many places in the world (especially lands within protected valleys with a year round growing season) that have pure clean springs and sources of water born on the land and running its limits, and it is even more rare to find a large clean virgin (with zero existing constructions and with no large cultivations planted on this land in decades) land bordering a perfectly clean large river. Only recently was this area given road access and the road is across the river from this property & already dead ends at the neighbors. What happens to this land will greatly affect everyone downstream, these head water properties set a precedent and can either protect or pollute the clean water available to many many people in both Ecuador and Peru as this river turns into the Catamayo River and even travels to Peru downstream.

Currently there is no bridge crossing the river to this property. Please contact Tara directly to hear about the variety of options for bridges & all access points already scouted. This property can be accessed by a future bridge, however some may see the advantage of keeping the river and creeks as they are currently protective moats making this property truly private & for invited guests only.

There is an expansive stretch of fruit trees and gardens bordering the river at the lowest point, and the other giant stretches of usable land with gravity fed clean water available via an established canal are host to fique forests. Fique is a tree doing a good job setting up the soils for the future as they are nitrogen fixers and offer great wood for building.

There is also an archeological site on top, a key spot connected to the grid of other look out points on mountain peaks in this area. Tara is eager to help her local colleague Justo Carpio of Mandango Real Estate find the best possible new owner of this important place. Please contact Tara to schedule a full day tour.

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