`Incredible Property alert! ECO Village For Sale

`Incredible Property alert! ECO Village For Sale

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This property is located only 12 -15 minutes driving South from Vilcabamba and is by far one of the very best properties in the entire area already with the infrastructure-water, electric capacity, and buildings to be home to many people, animals, and with the space to grow plenty of food for everyone. This property is home to many mature fruit trees, and there is still so much usable & perfectly contoured gently sloping and flat land with an unlimited amount of water that everyone living here can have plenty of green space between the houses plus privacy, great views, and what most of us dream of… tranquility and inspiring beauty.

This property is available for an outright purchase or is on track to be sold as a Private Members Community with a Trust & partial subdivision. The current owners/sellers have over 30 years of experience creating & founding successful ecological communities & protected forests in Canada; they require only another few members to commit now in order to solidify a sale in this alternative way. Please contact Tara at Tierras Realty directly for more information. Tierras.Realty@protonmail.com

21.5 Hectares/53 Acres of 90% Usable & beautiful gently sloping and flat land with a Private Internal Drive & hiking trails.

5 Move in Ready & fully furnished homes.

A Retreat Center with a giant covered outdoor gathering space, commercial kitchen & another community kitchen, 1 full apartment, 4 move in ready rooms each with two beds & a bathroom, and 400m2/4,305 sq ft. of additional semi finished construction currently used for secure storage.

A community outdoor kitchen with a giant covered gathering space (that could easily be turned into another house).

A nearly finished 2 bedroom house- storage building located midway up the internal drive.

A lake/reservoir for further water storage onsite and on the upper part of the property, plus a duck pond.

Approx. 2 hectares/4.9 acres of fruit trees plus many many prime garden areas, & forest.

A Giant Community Water tank measuring 9 meters in diameter with 4 meters of depth storing approximately 175,000 liters of clean water sourced from this property’s own private system with a 4 inch pipe running directly from the Podocarpus National Park, an additional 18,000 liters of filtered water storage in 8 tanks on the top of the property, and another 10,000 liters of stored potable water located mid property. All water flows downhill from the sources distributed to all structures with natural flow, so everyone is privileged to have a gravity flow of all water with no electricity-pumping needed for either the potable water or the irrigation system. There is an extensive and quality irrigation system installed throughout all of the usable land and numerous other pond sites that can be developed easily (1 new lagoon is already nearly ready).

  1. The first adobe house-La Primera Casa – 1,049.85 square feet (97.5 square meters). 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms.
  2. La Casa Fiorela- 1 bedroom/1 bathroom adobe house measuring – 699.69 square feet (65 square meters)
  3. Casita del Sol – 2 bedroom/2 bathroom adobe house measuring -1,049.85 square feet (97.5 square meters)
  4. La Vista: The View House. A 2 bedroom/1 bathroom brick home
    • Main floor incl. covered patio – 904.896 square feet (84 square meters)
    • Upper floor – 645.84 square feet (60 square meters)
    • Covered laundry/carport – 301.152 square feet (28 square meters)
    • Total La Vista – 1,851.888 square feet (172 square meters)
  5. Cabaña Montaña-A Brick house~Suite with a bathroom and kitchen – 452.084 square feet (42 square meters)
  6. Retreat Center Finished areas:
    • Rooms 6 thru 9 (4 rooms) – 1,114.814 square feet (103.5 square meters). each of these rooms have 1 king bed, and a single bed in the loft, plus a private bathroom.
    • Room 10/La Esquina=The corner full apartment with 1 king bedroom, a single loft, and 1 bathroom. Plus a kitchen dining and living room measuring – 538.2 square feet (50 square meters)
    • Community Kitchen – 296.19 square feet (27.5 square meters)
    • Laundry/solar hot water, public baños – 242.31 square feet (22.5 square meters)
    • Total Retreat Center finished rooms – 2,190.474 square feet (203.5 square meters)
  7. The Total Retreat Center measures 603.5m2/6,493.5 sq ft. with the unfinished areas (currently secure indoor storage) measuring- 4,306.4 square feet (400 square meters).
  8. Outbuildings:
    • Octagon Gazebo near retreat center – 376.74 square feet (35 square meters)
    • Tool Bodega (main floor)=2 bedroom unfinished apartment – 1,205.568 square feet (112 square meters)
    • Lower floor 10,000 liter H2O tank / storage-bodega – 387.984 square feet (36 square meters)
    • Total Tool House – 1,594.304 square feet (148 square meters)
    • Garden Pavillion: A covered open structure with a beautiful pine roof home to an outdoor kitchen/living room- 1,291.68 square feet (120 square meters)
    • Pavilion Baño =Bathroom – 37.764 square feet (3.5 square meters)
    • Horse Tack Storage House – 32.292 square feet (3 square meters)
    • La Fiorela Storage/utility House – 32.292 square feet (3 square meters)
    • Total Outbuildings – 3,361.65 square feet (312.5 square meters)
  9. Private & Licensed Water System: 4 inch pipeline running 4 km.

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