No Longer Available $195,000 Modern Glass House above the River

No Longer Available $195,000 Modern Glass House above the River



Four Level Glass Home Behind a 24 hour Security Gate

Location: Chaupi / Entrance of The Gated Community Hacienda San Joaquin, Vilcabamba

Land:  2,500m2, .62 acres

Construction: The Main house 140m2/1,511 square feet, The Basement 54m2/581square feet

This property is within phase two of the gated community called San Joaquin in Vilcabamba, Southern Ecuador. This property is not bound by community bylaws nor monthly fees, but does have access through the current main entrance of San Joaquin where there are 24 hour security guards. The road from town to this community is now scheduled to be paved, which once it is paid will raise property values in this area. Currently you drive about 15-20 minutes on a dirt road from the center of Vilcabamba to arrive at this modern glass home. 

This four level home is perched above the Vilcabamba river and through the glass windows that frame the entire Western wall of the house you view the mountains and lush greenery surrounding this structure. There are no neighbors in sight from this house. The bottom two levels are utility spaces with the floor below the first floor of the actual home being a wood / welding workshop, and below this workshop is a cavity under roof that could be utilized for storage or made into another usable space. The workshop could easily be made into a real extension of the main living space of the house, and this floor could easily accommodate another 3 bedrooms that would have the same gorgeous views as upstairs. The owner is the builder so any improvements could be made by him if desired, and done even before a new buyer moves in or later as they intend to still live in Vilca. The current living space of the home is within the upper two levels of the house with the highest level being a loft. This loft could easily be made into separate private bedrooms. The main floor of the house has an open floor plan design with the kitchen and living room open to the balcony. The master bedroom, bathroom, and closet are located behind the only living room wall that divides the spaces on this main floor. There’s an entry mudroom with closet for jackets and shoes. 

This home is new & modern with wooden finishes. The main floor of the house has polished cement floors, and the staircase to the loft is a steel frame with wooden steps. The kitchen is clean and sleek with led lighting inlaid in the wooden ceiling above (the wooden floor of the loft). The high ceilings and large windows that open offer a wonderful air flow throughout the house. The house does not get hot inside even though there is a wall of glass to the outside world. The glass does not get direct sun until the end of the day around sunset. 

There is a large flat platform that could host another home or pool that is located behind this house; you land on this building site initially after passing through the entry gate. The steel framed double door swing gate has wooden slats between the steel framework. 

Please contact the team at Tierras Realty for more information or to schedule a tour. 

THE NEIGHBORING PROPERTY: There is an option to buy the neighboring propertY. The neighboring land measures 3,500m2 with a nearly finished Earthship inspired home that could be completely finished within 6 months. This neighboring property has one of the most unique and intelligent structures in the area; the entire structure is surrounded by a faraday cage that protects against all 5G or invasive electric frequencies and each space has been designed and built based on golden ratio calculations, otherwise known as the fibonacci sequence. The entire house has cat 6 cable outlets for wired internet to avoid wifi. The roof has 7.5 inches of concrete and was also designed to put on additional floors if desired. Safety features have also been built into this design, but will not be revealed publicly. The bonus is that this property also has a two story workshop/ water storage facility at the top. On the top floor of this workshop are the water storage tanks feeding the lower homes with a gravity feed of water from the four 2,500 liter water tanks housing potable water. There are another four 800 liter irrigation water tanks. A Yamaha generator is also available for purchase and there’s much to describe about the impressive water /irrigation system on this land. These two neighboring properties have their own electric meters and are running off their own 15000k transformer. The properties have both 110v & 220v 

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