SOLD One of the Very Best ~Guest-house & Large Lot in Private Upscale Neighborhood 

SOLD One of the Very Best ~Guest-house & Large Lot in Private Upscale Neighborhood 



8,674m2/2.14 acres

Large Lot in Private Upscale Neighborhood with Guesthouse

This property is located in one of the very best areas of Vilcabamba with excellent (& famous) established neighbors on all sides and incredible views of the Andes, the valley below, and the famous Mandango Mountain. There are only two gated communities in Vilcabamba (El Atillo & San Joaquin) and very few options to purchase large lands near to sizable upscale homes in a safe area. This is a rare option that has the benefits of a private community with common infrastructure yet free of any homeowners associations/dues etc that come with living in a gated community. 

This property already has a rammed earth structure-open floor plan suite that can easily be accommodated as a guest house to live in while building the home of your dreams on the large expansive flat perch above.  To the south, there is a common entrance gate down the hill below this property that is used also and only by one other owner who is the owner of two large homes and pool a distance above this lot for sale. This common entrance gate (only used by two owners) also has a shared parking/pull-out located off of the public road and shared also by the neighboring property to the North. The lower neighbor is the Monte Suenos property- an iconic artist sanctuary bnb & a architectural masterpiece owned by the late artist Meredith Miller and her late husband Astronaut and Scientist Brian O’Leary. To the West of this lot is a gradual slope that turns into a steep vacant hillside with another large rammed earth home below. To the West there is a row of yellow bamboo and uninterrupted views to the Mandango and afternoon sunsets. 

The lower end of this land is planted with a citrus grove and a huilco forest that reside directly above the dense tree lined fence of Monte Suenos. The lay of the land and slope of this highland area is such that everyone has a private property with no one looking onto them from any other home. To the East from this property you see the sunrise over the Andes & the Podocarpus National park. It is to the East as well that the entrance drive comes in onto the land accessing the home sites and branching off of the double ribbed cement tracks (with deep well built footings) that run the entire hill access making it easy to drive up. This access requires no maintenance, it is built well with retaining walls in the necessary areas, and all of the rainwater guided away from the road. The caretakers working for the owners above, and the original owners of this lower lot have their full time workers lock the shared entrance gate every evening as do they keep it closed throughout the day. This highland perch is difficult to access unless you drive up the private drive, and this upper area has never experienced theft or robberies. 

 A soil and seismic study has already been completed on the land available to a new purchaser and/or builder. It is a solid land with no fault lines and shaped in a way that naturally guides water downhill therefore there are no areas of the land damaged by natural erosion. Many properties have been negatively affected by a considerable amount of rainfall this past rainy season, this is not one of them. This hilltop is solid. There is already electricity and water onsite, secure and easy access, a barbed wire fence on the entire perimeter, and the basic infrastructure needed already established so that the new owner can fix up the guest house to live in asap and focus on building. There are numerous building sites-areas to accomodate a number of structures, however, the land is ideal for one very large home on the naturally flat land with jaw dropping views and surrounded by trees below. 


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