92.8 ha. Usable Mountain, creeks, canyon & a very important archeological site

92.8 ha. Usable Mountain, creeks, canyon & a very important archeological site



This is a very special and sacred property. Beyond it being a great property to live on with others, hike & explore, host animals and farm, it also has a very important archeological site that I hope remains protected and respected. This description is going to be more personalized than the standard property write up as I feel to share more hoping to call in a new owner that will truly appreciate what’s here and hopefully continue to preserve it. 

This property is a large 92.8 hectare property about 15 minutes South of Vilcabamba that stretches from the western base of a mountain called Nanaro all the way to the base of the same mountain to the east. On the eastern half of the property, at the base there is a year round creek originating in the Podocarpus National Park. This side of the property is lush and green, with mostly hidden spots to build smaller cabins in the lower private valley. From this lower eastern point at the creek the property ascends a mountain, but gradually (nothing too steep) and there are numerous building sites all private from one another going up the mountain to its peak. About mid way up the mountain there is a natural lake, that a worker mistakenly drained partially, but this lake can easily be brought back to its glory.  The tops of this mountain are epic for water saturation (the reason there is a lake below) as the entire top of the mountain is flat in parts with rolling hills that absorb the rainfall and slowly release the flows a little further down creating numerous creeks that begin in the upper region of this land and that can gravity feed the other sites below. Creeks fall down to the East as well as to North and to the West. The furthest South Eastern corner and border of this property is a year round mountain creek also lush with trees and nature. There’s an incredible building site near to this upper creek, and there are other building sites scattered throughout the entire upper territory all with long distance views. At the top middle part of the property there are some 5 gorgeous building sites near but private from each other.  Where the archeological site is located, there is a full 360 degree view of the entire larger mountain bowl we live in…

This property hosts what I call the central churro…

The Nanaro Mountain is the same elevation of the sacred Mandango Mountain of Vilcabamba, however, Nanaro is the central mountain between Quinara and Suro/ Yangana. The Mandango and Nangora are lower lying mountains located in the central of the two mountain ranges that meet and connect here in the South forming literally a bowl of mountains. It is here in the South that you are really tucked in this larger mountain bowl we are so blessed to live in, with water/creeks coming from all directions, and from this central churro you can see the entire larger bowl of mountains with an incredible 360 degree view from this sacred site. What is a Churro? This is a large archeological site built by ancients. There are large concentric circles made of stones that form a type of target design as seen from the air. At the central of most of the churros there are holes from looters that have come to mine treasure. This Churro does not have a dug hole at its center, or atleast thats visible. The Center is a mound of rocks and spending some time here you feel like you’re in an altered state, if anything you are in awe of the 360 degree view around you. I personally know and have been brought to many of these churros and other important archeological sites in this area. Most Churros are located on the tops of mountains, tops of viewpoint hills, are near other sacred archeological sites, and are usually at points where one can see other mountain peaks and key geographic features. I personally find them fascinating and am mapping the location of every one I visit to see what I can figure out about their use, meaning and purpose. This churro is located in the dead center of the larger bowl of mountains (as seen from aerial maps) and there are other churros that seem to align and branch off from this central churro. A group of Japanese wanted to put an antenna here at this Churro, but the previous owner/caretaker of this important property did not allow it. The story from the locals is that this entire mountain humms from time to time; that there is a sound that eminates from here. When asking the locals about this churros, the general consensus and story is that these churros were used by the ancients for communication and that from one churro on a mountain top someone can hear someone speak from another churro far away on another mountain top. Others think they were used for food storage, military outposts, and that perhaps water is created or guided from these sites. Nothing has been truly studied about these sites, and there is hardly anything written about these and most all of the archeological sites in the area. I am one of the few that knows more than most about the archeological sites in the area, and the preservation of these sites and the protection of our water and these sacred lands was and is the driving force for me returning to school to acquire my license locally and work in Real Estate as I can have an influence. There is a mystery unfolding here, and what is here in this area is more important than money. These sites, our water sheds, and this valuable farm land with a year round growing season should be protected from mining and any kind of extraction. 

On the Western side of this property, and directly South below this churro is a giant canyon with solid rock wall cliffs, something very unique to find in this area. A creek coming from the top of the mountain and east of this canyon at its mouth drops waterfalls down below but the water of this creek filters below the canyon floor for most of the year there’s no water running above ground in the canyon at its base. Of course in the rain season it flows, as do two more giant waterfalls from the top of the canyon, and one can also tap this water that travels underground below the canyon floor. There are another 2 sources of water for this canyon area, and please contact myself Tara at Tierras Realty to hear about all of the details. This canyon is private, but also easily accessible. Off the main road in Comunidades Quinara you enter the property through a gate leading to a little adobe house at the entrance (there is electricity and a potable water meter here), but behind the house no one can see how giant this property really is ….From this canyon you can go up a hiking trail from the west (Quinara valley) to the churro above and then the territory continues and descends the mountain to the eastern creek of Suro. There is a road access potential off the highway on the Eastern side as well. Please contact Tara for more information and to schedule a tour.  

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