2 Hectares, 1 House, 7 more Building Sites/minutes away from Vilcabamba

Located right off the paved Cucanama road, this property is minutes away from Vilcabamba

2 Hectares, 1 House, 7 more Building Sites/minutes away from Vilcabamba

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2 Hectares, 4.94 Acres

Located right off the paved Cucanama road, this property could easily host another 7 large homes and many gardens/large cultivations. There are 5 multi tiered building sites all with vehicle access in addition to the large flat lands at the base of this property. These building sites were carved within the established contours of the property using a tractor now over 6 years ago. There is a central dirt drive way starting from the base of the property at the entrance gate and proceeding up 3/4 of the property. From this central drive there are access roads branching off to the right and left and dead ending at the upper 3 tiered perch nearly to the top & Southern limit of the land. There is a forest of huilco and other native trees from this last large building site up to the canal road running under the famous Mandango Mountain.

On the upper (southern) limit of this land runs an irrigation canal, so the entire property has gravity fed irrigation water that is currently being piped down alongside the central drive way. This allows you the opportunity to grow as much food as you’d like with ample water running naturally from the top of the property down (with no need for a pump/electrical) There are already many large gorgeous old trees, Huilco trees, and a variety of fruit trees throughout the land. At the base of the property is the water meter providing potable water to the entire land with great pressure, this meter is located near to the 2 bedroom house. It is nice to have all of the utilities at the base of the land (fiber optic internet lines also run along the road at the property’s base) giving the next owner the option to have hooks up to the grid, and/or to keep the upper land off grid if desired. This land is located in a wide open residential and agricultural valley that runs east west giving the property great sun exposure all day, morning to night.

This is also a clean land, ie it has not been used for cultivations or sprayed with chemicals.

The house could easily be remodeled or just fixed up a bit to make a nice home. The walls and structure are in good shape-no mold or issues.

Please contact Tara at Tierras Realty to schedule a visit or for more information.

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