Garden & Waterfall Park 8.6 Has., 45 minutes from Vilcabamba

Impressive property with waterfall and creeks, 45 minutes away from Vilcabamba - Ecuador

Garden & Waterfall Park 8.6 Has., 45 minutes from Vilcabamba



This property has 2 caves, 2 separate distinct water rights as well as to two creeks, terraced gardens, a horse corral, multiple secure storage units, numerous roofed areas (one large one for events), an extensive trail network with clearly identified paths, established mountain road with gates, a private transformer that can service numerous homes, an established drip irrigation system, exotic fruits and hard wood trees, 4 10,000 liter water tanks and room for two more tanks at the top of the property.

This property is neighbor to a two building hotel with a waterfall swimming hole that is also for sale. Please see the full listing on this website under the title Waterfall Hotel.

These impressive properties fit for tourism, agricultural, or a large family estate are in direction of the airport in Catamayo and are located only 45 minutes away from Vilcabamba.

Please contact Tara directly for more information and to schedule a tour!

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