FOR SALE: Eco Resort, Spa, 8 Building Estate with Waterfalls

FOR SALE: Eco Resort, Spa, 8 Building Estate with Waterfalls

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The Owner asks that you please inquire privately about the sale prices as there are a variety of different purchase options are available right now given that the owner is wanting to found a larger guardianship project immediately and they are open to partnership, investment opportunities, an outright sale, and/or subdividing the property into many or a few lots; there are a variety of potentials for purchase given the recent subdivision approval news. The first sale will be determining.

At this moment, with the property just recently on the market & due to the creative needs of the larger guardianship network taking form, there are the following purchase options:

  1. The sale of this property in its entirety. Please inquire about the price.
  2. A Partial Sale. A subdivide of the land happens allowing the creation of two connected communities here in the South of Ecuador, in Yangana together with the Amazanga Forest Guardianship community outside of Tena, in Northern Ecuador. A partial sale price would need to be negotiated to realize the creation of this ark- bridged community, and the price would be based on what area and constructions the buyer wants. This purchase would allow the subdividing of these 103 hectares into a masterplan, creating multiple lots and a neighborhood of owners who would have access to the upper waterfalls, the ancient sites, the walking trails, ponds, green space/park that would be co-owned and protected by the community. Each owner would have their own title and land, and they will also be neighbors to a reserve territory and community with common values. The Yangana neighborhood and reserve would be similar and linked to the living forest community in Northern Ecuador.

Please inquire directly for more information about the guardianship network forming with this property and others, and also to know about the current rental availability of the cabins, and/or the spa-events center-property for events.

Location: Yangana, Loja, Ecuador

Property Size: 103 Hectares (255 acres)

This is one of the most special, unique, and important properties in the Province of Loja and within the entire country of Ecuador. The owner hopes to sell to or partner with the next appropriate guardians of this sacred land who will also deeply appreciate this magical place. On the tops of the mountains around the greater Yangana Valley there are ancient circular rock sites called Churos, and this lower central mountain is right next to the town of Yangana and home to an ancient site where there are numerous circular rock structures with holes and altar with a stone foundation. Within the private valley below this ancient and sacred site there are a series of waterfalls cascading down from this mountain along with other minor waterfalls that branch off & have been guided from a mountain spring and other drainages. The water-scaping done by the still current caretaker is beautiful and intelligently created. All of the waterfalls are accessible from a walking path beginning at the lagoons at the trail’s base. Way up the mountain is a giant waterfall and is regarded as a sacred site as well. Enjoy an easy walk in the lower valley visiting the resting areas around each minor waterfall and the lagoons, and/ or journey up the mountain alongside the larger waterfalls up a more advance trail to the top. From the top you can descend the mountain on the other side. A year round mountain spring is located within the center of the lower valley floor with water constantly seeping out from under the giant roots of an old Higueron tree. There are other minor drainages dripping water down into the deep valley from above in 3 out of the four directions feeding water with ease-gravity to two large usable and flat areas within the lower valley as well as to the giant orchard filled with mature producing fruit at the valley’s entrance. Reading the landscape within the valley, specifically the water levels seen in the valley walls & drainage scars from the distant past, one can conclude that there used to be three major creeks within this valley when all of the hillsides around it hosted more vegetation and trees. The potential here is great, and it is quite magical as it is still full of water & native and non native trees. The valley is quiet and private; you only hear birds and the waterfalls when you’re close to their fall. The two large flat areas within this valley have views outside the valley looking North East.

The property has the best of both worlds, a large park offering hours and days of adventure & retreat into nature, as well as a modern spa and lovely accomodations located close to Yangana town and above the Yangana river. Vilcabamba is a 20 minute drive from here. There are currently two main entrances to the 103 hectares, and through each of the two separate gates you enter onto private road accesses that travel through and to the two main larger lower areas of the property. Through one gate you enter into the orchard and can drive up the valley to the two large usable gently sloping, flatish, and safe areas to build within the valley . & Through the other main gate you first pass by the 2 bedroom caretaker’s house, and the drive way arrives at the main house/large lawn with fire pit and the first large pond; from here the private drive carries on to the spa and gathering areas- the events center/restaurant/dining. The first two guest houses (with two bedrooms and two bathrooms) are located up the steps well behind the main hacienda style rammed earth (tapia home) that was remodel from the original 1954 construction. This main home has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a laundry room, storage rooms, large covered deck, large dining room, kitchen, living room, and office.

Continue on past the main house on the private drive and you will arrive at the modern spa, restaurant/events center with large modern kitchen, traditional dining area with the old wooden bar & original wood 5 burner stove and earthen pizza oven. This converted sugar cane mill has been remodeled and turned into a spectacular showcase space highlighting old Ecuadorian architecture, traditional agricultural & cuisine culture in a historic building remodeled to also host complementary modern amenities. There is a lovely dining deck & covered patio on either side of the building and next to garden waterfalls dropping down into the lower lagoons around the Spa. Public bathrooms are on the lower level of this events center and near to the spa and lagoons. There are trails and pathways past numerous waterfalls within the gardens around this building, the outside shower, and the Spa with its own private natural pools. The Spa has a large entry room, dry sauna, a steam room, 2 showers, reception, and a large massage room with according doors that open to the large covered patio. There is a bathroom in the Spa, and storage space. There are private areas within the orchids, bananas, trees, coffee, lagoons, and pathways. There has been a vision to co-create detox pools/jacuzzis and a health center here on site… There’s much to share about this potential so please inquire if you’re interested.

At the end of the private drive and beyond the restaurant, spa, gardens and lagoons you arrive at the final two guest cabins each with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice covered patio. Past these two cabins begins another series of trails- 1. up the first hill to the back mountain, and another two trails that take you down into the giant fruit forest at the base of the valley. Please contact Tierras Realty to schedule a tour and/or inquire further about the rental and retreat options currently available.

In addition to the mountain springs and creeks, the property also has a potable water meter and exclusive rights to the overflow from the potable water tanks for the town of Yangana, as the original owner donated a small piece of land for the town’s tanks. All water rights are legalized, the paperwork is in order & the owners are ready for a sale. As a newly confirmed bonus- there are extensive and easy subdivide potentials.

The Yanganananda Resort Property described by the owner:

In the sacred and pure Valley of Yangana we already started to create a model for a  loving and conscious society. This magical Valley is situated only 20 minutes away from the famous alternative touristic hot-spot “Vilcabamba”.  

There are no cellphone-towers so one really can restore and heal here.  On a precious Land of 103 Hectars (255 acre) your visions can be realised.  

For example: A retreat-center with holistic healing spaces, a school and multiversity of  wisdom and inner awakening for all ages, or spaces that nourish the needs of children.  A place where all generations can join in participating to create a new earth.. And be  lovingly accompanied in times of transition. A space for natural birthing. A space of deep  retreat where inner work and awakening is possible. All of this can take place in deep  connection with the village of Yangana so evolving and thriving together with the  locals is possible and a sense of family can be established where there is support and  care.  

We see this sense of family as the biggest safety in these times. During the last years that  our Kausari Foundation has been active here, we could establish a deep friendship with  the mayor of Yangana.  

Together we started to open the possibility to create organic gardens and encouraged the  locals to grow their own organic seeds again. 

More than 50 families joined when we started a year ago. 

Now there is a organic market in the park of Yangana every friday due to our  inspirational work and projects.  

The friendship with the village is improving more and more so the ground is prepared on  many levels. 

Look at our project in the pure regions of the Jungle in Ecuador.  

We offer to support you as a “sister project” where we can share immense abundance in  ancestral whisdom and healing.  

Here the “Kausari Foundation” was founded 10 years ago. https://grape-aloe [1]  

You are dearly invited to expand on the allready existing structures here. Thank you for your interest & be blessed!


In addition to the historic main house, there are also 8 suites (hotel  style) possible up to 3 people max. each room… (So 16+ person)  

There are two more rooms at the mainhouse that were used ones as suites, too…  That would make 10 suites for guests. (around 20 people…)  

There is an aditional house where our workers live that are taking care of everything and  know the place for 17 years now. 

Our place used to be a Retreat-Center, Ashram, community place, Eco-Lodge and private retreat place as well as a Café and Lodge…  

It has a big organic fruit orchard (5 hectares approx.) and multiple little garden areas as  well as a herbal garden.  

All is organic and permaculture. Including the coffee (different and even very rare sorts).  Coffee has its on brand- and is organic, too.  

It has a Spa and Sauna area (swedish-sauna and Hamam-turkish-sauna)

There is a sacred Inca side on top of the mountain. The big waterfall also is an ancient  sacred spot.  

There is a valley full of granadias that were grown here professionally. (We have  Avocados (different sorts), mandarines, peaches, lemons, oranges, papayas, berries,  mangos, bananas, pomegranates, maracuyas, and others…)  

There are different outside locations on the land to rest and relax.  

There also used to be a camping side with an extra bathroom.  

There are Lamas, cows and chicken on the land- as well as wild horses… Many beautiful  birds, Colibris and Butterflys. Beautiful tracks on the Land.  

(4 h tracks and longer).

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