Desirable View Lots in Good Neighborhood

Desirable View Lots in Good Neighborhood



This is a unique opportunity as the land for sale can be subdivided to fit your needs and wants. There is a 5,005m2 lot available for sale that can be kept this size or reduced for the benefit of having numerous deeds. Perhaps you only want to keep half of this property and sell the other land with separate deed in the future, for example. This land is gently sloping and has a lower building site and an upper building site private, both are separate from one another; a construction on the lower site would not obstruct your view from the above site. The views of the Vilcabamba valley below and the Andes from this property are truly amazing in this area, the neighborhood of San Jose is located on a hill top fairly close to the base of the Andes range so you enjoy views of the gorgeous mountains from a close perch, the views are not long distance, you really feel part of the mountain landscape as the mountains reside only a long football throw away. The owner is asking $99,500 for this very desirable lot. Please contact us at Tierras Realty to answer any questions about time frames and how a sale would go in this specific case.

There is another property nearly neighboring the above lot that is also for sale and with the same conditions. There is a total of 3,309m2 available for sale in this other section. The owner was thinking to subdivide it into pieces of 1000m2, 908m2, and 1401m2 but decided to wait for a buyer to start the subdivide as they may want it divided in a different way. This 3,309m2 area is for sale for $82,000. There are three nice areas to put structures within this terrain. The access road comes from down below allowing for numerous accesses to be made, private for each lot if the owner wants multiple deeds.

These lots are very nice compared to the other options currently available in Vilcabamba. The neighborhood has a mix of many foreigners and locals, and these lots in particular are surrounded by large high end homes and the famous bnb Monte Suenos. Here you hear no noise from the highway or town as you are located around the mountain bend from the center of Vilca and the highway going South to Peru.


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