Casa Mandango & Guest House in Mollepamba, Vilcabamba

Casa Mandango & Guest House in Mollepamba, Vilcabamba


Main House 633m2, Guest House 63m2

This property’s constructions consists of two houses and a separate two-car garage, with attached utility services room, on an area of ~6.2 acres (2.53 hectare) organic pasture land.

The main house (Casamandango) has an incredible, unparalleled view of the famous Mandango Mountain. The mountain is almost due West, delivering more than its share of colorful, contemplative-inducing sunsets. At the altitude here and with the lack of pollution, a clear night sky can truly be a religious experience.

Within our narrow equatorial band of latitude, at the right time of the year, both the North Star and the Southern Cross can be seen at the same time, which is not possible at higher or lower latitudes.

The three structures on the property consists of : (1) The main house which sits on a construction foot-print of 527.4 M^2. Main ground floor + mezzanine = 633M^2 living floor space. Total living (floor) area includes this area (floor level), plus a contiguous mezanine level overlooking the “great-room” (sala and bay-window dining area), and the master bedroom.

The kitchen (with a spacious utility room adjacent to it), the three bedrooms and two baths, and a large entertainment (“den”) room, result in a total living floorspace area of 633M^2. (2) The guest house consists of 2 bdrms, kitchen, living room and bath, comprising 63M^2, plus a covered porch 2M x 8M. (3) The two-car garage with separate roll-down steel doors, is currently used for utility and “shop” use. (4) On the other side of the back back wall of the garage, a pump room houses a cistern (water storage ~15M^3), pump, and pressure accumulators for house-hold utility water. (5) An 8-bottle manifold for utility gas bottles (“LojaGas” at $3.00 per refill), provide for 6-8 weeks of normal usage (kitchen stove, and Caliphon (“flash”) water heaters, for all your water needs in the house (kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room).In summary, this property currently has a guest house, garage, garden, ample water storage, and a giant well built double adobe wall home minutes from Vilcabamba center, with plenty of room and potential for expansion on a giant 2.5 hectare lot that is nearly entirely usable with more building sites/ and neighboring to another gorgeous estate for sale.

This is a unique and incredible property, and is located in the very desirable neighborhood- Mollepamba.

Out of any neighborhood in Vilcabamba, Mollepamba has the most wide open and expansive views of both the sacred Mandango Mountain and the Andes/Podocarpus National Park. The view from this estate will never be interrupted as the land down below the house slopes downward and there are already established and nice homes neighboring this property. This rare find is set amongst other high end homes in a peaceful and safe neighborhood with a mix of foreigners and locals (mostly indigenous locals whose parents and grandparents migrated to live here in a community from Saraguro). 

An electric gate opens as you easily enter this property at its south-east corner, off Calle Molalpama, onto flat parking in front of a double car garage.

Behind the garage lies a well built utility room accommodating the house water system (pump and pressure accumulators, and a 15m3 cistern for local storage).  Also housed here is an 8-bottle gas manifold, supplying utility gas to the house, requiring bottle change only every 6-8 weeks.  (Bottle gas is subsidized by the government, with bottle refills at $3.00 each, amortizing gas requirements to ~$15 / month) 

Currently, a caretaker lives in a 2-bdrm brick home located at the property gate entrance. The house is to the side of the entry gate, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and living and kitchen area. This home would make an excellent guest house or residency for in-laws, and due to the location could be rented out separately without guests coming near to the main house.

The main house is a mansion in its size and is a very well built strong double walled adobe house fit for a large family currently hosting 3 bedrooms with giant lofts off the living room and master ideal to remodel into another 4 rooms if needed.

The master bedroom has a giant ensuite bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, shower, badey, fireplace, and walk-in closet the size of most people’s master bedrooms. A staircase to the side accesses a lofted mezanin that also has an access door the the second loft off of the living room. This is the most sizable master bedroom seen in Vilcabamba and is private with its own access outside to the giant porch facing the famous and impressive view of Vilcabamba town and the Mandango. 

In the center of the main house is the large living room called the great room with the living and dining areas being open and contiguous. The great room has a fireplace and enough space to host conferences. There is a vaulted ceiling  (higher than most churches!) with a six-sided vented cupola on the top, part of the totally dynamic, natural  climate control system incorporated into the house design. Along with the double-row adobe brick exterior wall surrounding the house, and Vilcabamba’s mild, equatorial weather, the passively designed climate control characteristics keep the house temperature between 68-72 degrees F, 24 hours a day, year round, without external energy requirements.

Expansive views, this spacious living-dining room with giant windows and skylights within the peaked central roof makes one feel inspired to host gatherings or concerts with such good acoustics and ample air/light. The cross breeze throughout the house is lovely and the thick adobe walls act as the ideal thermal mass keeping the house cool during hot days and warm at night -the early hours of the morning. No heat or air conditioning is needed as the material and structure of this impressive construction maintains perfect temperatures inside adjusted naturally with the outside weather and day/night schedule. 

The two big guest bedrooms are at the back of the house- in the South West corner with a private access off of the giant entry room. The bathroom servicing these two bedrooms is large with a toilet and baday, a giant shower, and two wash basins.

The kitchen is large with a utility island (“bar sink”)  in the middle.  All counter tops are marbled granite, and “bug proof” cupboards. The main sink is on the Eastern wall of the kitchen as is the 6 burner stove/oven and a series of windows going up the wall nearly to the top of the vaulted ceiling. Off the kitchen to the back (south) is a sizeable utility and laundry room with storage and an extra refrigerator.

After entering the gate, a drive takes you to a covered carport, (adjacent to the east side of the main house double-doors),  providing protection from inclement weather for ease of entry and transfer of shopping items to the kitchen and house.

A carport to theside of the main house and a large flat gorgeous green lawn decorated with flowers at the edges in front of the large covered porch. Enjoy this incredible view as it is, or build an infiniti pool to really turn this mansion into a luxury property.

Take a walk along a path that stair-steps down to a substantial fruit and vegetable a garden, and a little sanctuary spot fit for another outside gathering space

Below the garden is a chicken coop and home to many birds. Above this area between the chickens and the garage is another large double tiered building site currently with green lawn and above a patch of yucca. Below the main house and these areas is an expansive sloping lawn currently being grazed on by cows, but offering a number of other building sites if the owner wants to build more homes here. The property directly below this one is also about to go on the market and would make an incredible family estate to buy both this 2.5 hectare piece and 1.4 hectares neighboring this property to the north-below with another gorgeous well built adobe home with its own private access from another entry off the main Mollepamba road.

Please contact Tara to arrange a visit and for any more information. 

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