Darling Adobe Cottage

Darling Adobe Cottage



A Darling Cottage on a Half of an Acre (2,000m2) in the Countryside between Vilcabamba and Malacatos

Literally everything on this property has the artist’s flourish, from the multitude of mosaics both inside and out, to the colouring, designs, nooks, and open-plan “flow” throughout.

The rockeries, terraces, ponds, and extensive gardens in and around the home only serve to complement the aforementioned beauty.Designed and coloured in a kind of “Taos New Mexico” flavor … this property has one bedroom and a gorgeous indoor/outdoor bathroom downstairs, and upstairs, an artist’s studio, and patio entertaining area which looks across the gardens and down over the Malacatos valley.The upstairs could quite easily be converted into a kind of second residential studio-apartment, depending on the new owner’s needs. The landscaping, gardening, and overall aesthetic throughout the property really has to be seen first-hand, to be properly appreciated.The property has electricity (private transformer), potable water (from the wonderful San Pedro system), and also canal water with twin 2,500L storage tanks … for irrigating the gorgeous gardens, supplying the ponds, etc.Zooming out to the bigger picture, this property is contained within a larger, 7 hectare (17 acre) property, which is replete with a winter creek, producing orchards, citrus trees, bananas, coffee, wild berries, etc. It is pretty much a perfect ecosystem in this hidden, protected and well-irrigated valley. All SIX of the prerequisites for a fully functional and thriving ecosystem are here in abundance on the property. Bats, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, frogs, and hummingbirds.

We also have about the prettiest squirrels you’ll ever see!The larger property is secured with a locked metal gate up top for car access, but is also (very handily) an easy flat-ground ten minute walk from Karen’s place to the highway (along the canal) … from where you can bus or taxi to wherever you need to go. Taxi to Vilca from this highway point is usually $2.50. If you wait for the bus, that trip will only cost you 50c. From that point (top of the range in Cararango) it about equidistant time/distance-wise … to Vilcabamba or Malacatos.Another noteworthy point is that the larger property has retained all the old growth trees within its borders. And within that, Karen has created what can only be described as a veritable sanctuary-space … which has been lovingly blessed with an abundance of her artistic soul.To be very clear to prospective buyers, this is very much a “reluctant sale.” Karen has some journeying to do and people to see, worldwide … and for that to happen means she has to say goodbye to this gorgeous space she has created … and move on.It is also a somewhat sad property-listing for me to have to make, because Karen is my much-loved neighbour, and now I have to find someone fabulous … to welcome as my new neighbour in her magical place.


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