3 Lots For Sale in Gated Community

3 Lots For Sale in Gated Community


This is a rare find as there are hardly any lots are for sale and available to build your dream home currently in El Atillo gated community, which is located just minutes from the Vilcabamba town center. All of these lots border one another & are located near to the central el Atillo plaza with fountain. These lots are surrounded by beautiful homes all with red tile roofs and built in accordance with the style determined in the Club’s bylaws. These lots measure 302m2, 442m2, and 526m2.

There is a positive shift and transition happening in this gated community, which is the only gated community close to Vilcabamba town center and also the only community with club infrastructure. Unlike the Gated Community Hacienda San Joaquin, the only other local gated community similar to El Atillo in Vilcabamba, this club has 3 club properties that are now finally about to be completely maintained and opened according to the bylaws. 

Tierras Realty’s licensed broker Tara Walker has personally been working on this El Atillo project and is still in process of some improvements, but has much news to share about the current state and future of this community and the club properties. The owners have united in opinion to install an electric gate at the entrance of El Atillo and the back gate always remains locked, each owner with a key, and now receiving remote controls with a code for guests. 

Included in the Club properties are: a fully maintained tennis court with a private membership option for guest players visiting from outside el atillo, the sports area also hosted a kids club for a time- and is now in process of being activated fully as a sports & garden area. The middle club properties located next to these lots for sale has a large plaza with a fountain, benches, gardens, seating areas, lamps, and pathways to the gym, jacuzzi, steam room, and club pool area. At the entrance of the Club there is a Private Events Center now fully equipped and activated as a sublease option discounted to El Atillo owners by 25% according to the by laws. The Spa with two massage rooms is being renovated, and the church and tower will be available as well in the near future for owners and guests. 

Please contact Tara Tierras Realty for a full tour and viewing of these special lots for sale at a discounted rate before el Atillo realizes its full potential. 

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